June 22, 2024


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Why backlinking is critical for SEO success

What are Backlinks and How Do They Work?

You need a tonne of effective SEO strategies if you want to dominate Google search engine rankings. A successful backlinking approach is one of them. Backlinks have a big impact on your SEO rankings, as has long been said. 

Even 72% of marketers assert that backlinks are crucial to your SEO success (2017). But should you limit your efforts to obtaining backlinks? Even though backlinks might boost your search engine ranks, your SEO campaign management approach shouldn’t just rely on this tactic. Even worse, backlinks from spam websites may lead to worse SEO results. Are backlinks the most crucial component of your SEO strategy? Find out by continuing to read!

Do backlinks rank as the most crucial factor in SEO?

Your SEO performance can benefit greatly from backlinks. But are they the most crucial component of your SEO plan? Not quite. Linkable content is influenced by numerous factors. These include a fantastic website and top-notch content. Additionally, by raising your SEO rankings on their own, these elements can assist you get more backlinking possibilities.

Here is more information on the many SEO strategies you ought to employ.

1. A confidence signal is a link

Why does Google consider backlinks important? An indication of trust are incoming links. A website’s decision to link to another page indicates that the material is worthwhile.

This is really logical.

Owners of websites are unlikely to link to offensive material. As a result, Google can be sure that pages with lots of links are valuable enough to display at the top of the search results page. The Google PageRank algorithm, which the business utilised to create the original search engine, was fundamentally based on this concept. 

2. They also serve other purposes.

When individuals discuss the value of backlinks for SEO, they frequently refer to a link’s capacity to raise a page’s ranking. Links are crucial for SEO, but they offer advantages that go beyond simply raising a page’s rating.

Also possible are these-

  1. Traffic visitors: A link on a page with a lot of visitors may lead to many people clicking through to your website.
  2. Brand exposure: Exposure of your brand will increase as more links are obtained because more links will result in more clicks. 

3. What Qualities Should a Backlink Have?

When obtaining links, you need consider a variety of criteria. Even better, we’ve produced a comprehensive guide that explains all you need to know about finding outstanding websites (and avoid bad ones).

Editorial links from publications with high authority typically have the most impact. Think of prestigious websites like the BBC or the New York Times. The websites listed above meet all the criteria. They receive a tonne of traffic, often post fresh content, and have good domain metrics.

4. Does Google Allow You to Rank Without Backlinks?

There is no doubt that you can rank on Google without creating backlinks. In contrast, it’s usually difficult to rank for terms with high search volume. These terms have little competition because of this.

They typically either have

  1. Low search volume: they don’t bring in a lot of traffic.
  2. Low value refers to visitors who are challenging to monetise even if they drive traffic.

You won’t always need backlinks if you want to target this kind of term. But without links, it will be difficult to rank for more difficult search phrases.


Backlinks are essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as you already know. And more significantly, you are aware of the kinds of backlinks that are most effective. The following step is to create backlinks, which is the final component of the jigsaw. We created a remarkably thorough guide on how to create backlinks using these powerful techniques.

There are numerous ways to accomplish this, and efficient tactics are always evolving. So, keep yourself updated always because what works once does not work always. In case you need to consult on these tactics or want a reliable service provider, get in touch with a reputed agency or managed SEO provider. Your job will become a hell lot easier.