April 15, 2024


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Ways to Keep Yourself Safe Online 


Social media networks and social networking platforms have changed the way people interact with each other. There are times when we put up some information on our social media profiles and it turns out to get you in potential danger. With a user base and viewership of almost all kinds of people, posts grab attention worldwide. There is a population that wants to know you for some wrong reasons. Here are a few security threats that social media networks pose to our world.


Be Aware Of Identity Thieves

Some individuals gather personal information from people with the help of social media platforms. Even if you have the highest level security setting, the threat of such an incident always remains. Apart from that, social network sites have ample information that can help an identity thief to impersonate you and get access to your information. You need to stay careful when using your social media account while accessing such platforms and manage information shared on other online accounts as well. Be very careful when giving out the names of your family members and their whereabouts to people who you know.  


Don’t Share Your Location or Updates When You Are Not At Home

People are really fond of posting updates and Check-ins when they are out on a vacation or hanging out at a recreational spot with friends. This gives a clear indication that you are not home and that individuals can get their malicious tasks done. Oversharing can be harmful to your kids or your property. In this regard, you can also take up service from a security services company that can provide you with the right monitoring, surveillance and smart home tools security system and help secure your home and family from any incident or a situation that includes burglary or any other activity.


Don’t Add People You Don’t Know

Nowadays, the only thing a criminal or a miscreant would need is information. As a security measure, don’t add or interact with people you don’t know or people you’re not familiar with. Such people can make your social media profile a potential target by adding you as a friend. They will try to talk to you even if you don’t know them, make sure that you block such profiles or any other means of reaching your profile or getting information that you have shared on your profile.


Don’t Let Stalkers Find You or Information about You

Whenever you are using a social networking platform, you have to stay vigilant about who can or cannot view your updates on social media. Once online, the information you share is not your property. Be very careful about who you are disclosing your information to. 


Avoid Using Public Computers

This can include using your computer from the library or an internet cafe. You have no idea who has used the same system and for what purpose. This unknown individual could be a hacker or someone who could extract information including your email address, pages that you have browsed, chats, keys that you have pressed or files that you have transferred. These individuals can also tap into your information using the available WiFi connection. So it is always a good idea if you always carry your own laptop and don’t rely on public networks and computers. 


Use VPN When You Are Online

Using VPNs or a Virtual Private Network does not only offers users with secrecy but also makes your internet browsing and other online operations hack-proof and spy proof as well. In case there is a hack attempt on you, the hacker won’t be able to steal your data transmission. To use a VPN you can get yourself a VPN account online and make sure that it is active before you go online using your network. 


Ask For Security Features From Your ISP

Internet service providers not only provide users with a high-end internet service but also strive to go the extra mile and provide them with add-ons and other features that make your internet experience better. Apart from that, users can add security suites, programs, and other useful services to their internet connections. If you are an Xfinity internet user, you must be having such features. Ask the customer services representatives if you can use any of such services with the Xfinity bundle deals and other offers by the provider. 


Key Takeaways

Using the internet as a responsible individual is one of the fundamental things that you as a user should take care of. In case there is an incident, try to contact the local authorities or ask an expert for help. You can keep your family safe by following these ways. These are very helpful to ensure your safety and for the safety of your family as well.