July 15, 2024


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The 25 Best Tech Gifts Under 0 for 2022

The 25 Best Tech Gifts Under $100 for 2022

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Not every tech gift has to be a jet pack that costs more than your house. Plenty of respectable gadgets under $100 are ideal for those in your life who deserve gifts less than $100. That covers generous $99.95 gifts, and those joke presents you buy for that secret Santa thing at work you can’t get out of.

Below are ideas for those who need a little help in the kitchen, a helping hand in the bathroom, a reminder to go outside once in a while, and finally get some sleep. But you’ll have to wrap them yourself, or lazily put them in one of those small gift bags. Either way.

Your Jetsons Kitchen Awaits

Uutensil StirrTime

It’s going to be a while before your refrigerator can shoot eggs over to a pan while robot arms flip pancakes and sentient oranges juice themselves. But a few items can make your kitchen feel a little more futuristic, until the fire alarm goes off.

DASH Rapid Egg Cooker

If you ask your family what they want for breakfast and their response is 37 eggs, this 6 capacity egg cooker may be for you.

Please, I Need to Use the Bathroom

bathroom gadgets

Buying cool little bathroom gifts will probably cause people to spend more time there, so be wary when buying these gadgets for family members if you already find yourself banging on the door in the morning.

Waternymph Faucet Aerator, 720°

For those tired of using their hands to bring water to their face, this faucet eliminates the middleman and shoots right at you.

Go Outside

TV outside on a deck.

The above tech gifts may inadvertently cause your friends and family to never leave the house, so it’s best to balance it out with a few that remind them to go outside and get some air, even if they’re staring at their phone the entire time.

Oviliee Mini Drone with Camera

Perfect for taking pictures of the top of your head, this drone can easily follow a route and integrates with VR glasses.

Personal Lifestraw

If you don’t have access to clean water while camping, the LifeStraw is an amazing tool to have handy.

Tiger Chef Smores Kit

Whoever brings this overly elaborate Hibachi marshmallow grill to camping will be elected king in a Lord of the Flies way.

LE LED Flashlight

Flashlights are the paperweights of outdoor gifts, but if a friend is ever in an emergency and needs one, they’ll owe you for life. That’s win-win.

How About Some Tunes?

JBL XTREME3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker sitting on the sand under a volleyball net

The problem with being outside in nature is that it can be quiet, and you may begin hearing inner thoughts about mortality and the void. Can’t have that. Better to play some tunes or listen to a seven-hour podcast or something. An outdoor speaker can help.

IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The classy-looking outdoor speaker that looks a bit like a briefcase. It says I’m here to party, but I have to get up early tomorrow.

Go to Sleep


Ok you cooked things, pooped, and looked at a tree while listening to Enya. Now it’s time to go to bed, with a few gadgets that can help.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

An alarm clock with a sunrise that you can stare at without burning your corneas.

Magicteam White Noise Machine

Features 20 non-looping sleep sounds, including white noise, brown noise, pink noise, and blue noise. Pick whichever based on your favorite Reservoir Dogs character.

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