April 15, 2024


It's the Technology

Technology jobs still in high demand with bright future

Technology has changed the world in numerous ways, including creating entirely new industries and a vast array of career options that didn’t exist as recently as two decades ago. In its Cyberstates report, CompTIA, which publishes a steady stream of new research on IT topics, recently shared some key findings that’s news for those who work in tech.

  • Around 11.8 million people are employed in tech in the Unites States, and 261,000 new jobs were added in the past year.
  • Software and web developers make up the largest and fastest-growing segment of tech jobs. The estimated direct economic output of the tech industry equals $1.8 trillion.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts technology careers are on the rise, with expected growth of 12% between 2014 and 2024.
  • Specific fields within the tech industry are expected to experience even stronger growth, as high as 27%.

There’s never been a better time to work in tech, particularly for those who have a knack or affinity for computer operations and networks. Here’s a look at some of the promising tech careers, including some of the more lucrative, courtesy of U.S. News. These jobs boast low employment rates and high salaries.

5. Database administrator: A database administrator sets up databases. These highly trained individuals use specialized software to store and organize data. Some key roles include planning, installation, configuration, design, as well as migration. DBAs also will troubleshoot and enhance database security. Median pay is $87,020.

4. Information security analyst: Concerns about security breaches continue to grow as criminals become ever more savvy. Information security analysts find the best security solutions and carry out measures to protect a company’s networks and systems. The professionals maintain systems by updating software and recommending security updates to management. Median pay is $95,510.

3. IT manager: IT managers are in high demand thanks to increasingly digital workplaces. These individuals coordinate all computer-related activities for an organization. Some jobs include recommending software and hardware needs, securing networks and searching for new technologies. Median salary is $139,220.

2. Computer systems analyst: A computer systems analyst helps organizations utilize computer technology efficiently and effectively. They make suggestions on new technology. Sometimes called systems architects, computer systems analysts often study existing computer systems and design more efficient options. Median salary is $88,270, lower than some other IT jobs, but there are 54,400 projected jobs in this area.

1. Software developer: A software developer has the highest rate of projected new jobs, and at a median salary of $101,790, it can be a secure career in the tech field. These developers write new code, fix software bugs, find solutions to outdated programs and must be both creative and technical. Some developers may specialize in one area of computers or serve as generalists who write code for various types of software.