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SWISS REJU invests in new body contouring technology, further expands Hong Kong’s beauty and slimming service offerings


HONG KONG, April 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wellness and beauty brand SWISS REJU recently announced further investment in new beauty technology, introducing cutting edge, top of the market European slimming machines to the Hong Kong market.

SWISS REJU, located at the heart of Central Hong Kong, offers safe and effective body contouring programs for the city’s elite clientele, with effective slimming machines that have received clearance from US FDA, European Economic Area CE and/or Korea KFDA.

Wellness and beauty expert SWISS REJU ® launching new body shaping technologies in Hong Kong

Wellness and beauty expert SWISS REJU ® launching new body shaping technologies in Hong Kong

Many of the older slimming machines offered by other Hong Kong vendors are now over 10 years old, they are now increasingly becoming obsolete. Technology and design have significantly improved efficacy with much better shaping results, safety record and control mechanisms. SWISS REJU invests heavily and brings the latest soft laser lipolysis and electromagnetic technology to Hong Kong, there are now more options than ever for body shaping, and with the new technology the treatments are now much more affordable.

SWISS REJU proprietary technology: 3 outstanding features

An increasing number of Hong Kongers see beauty and health spas as an essential part of their overall healthcare and wellness routine. Machine-assisted beauty procedures as electromagnetic field treatments, radiofrequency skin firming and laser lipolysis treatments, together with specially formulated weight loss supplements, make slimmer bodies possible. Key technology features included:

1: More obvious body shaping results

New laser lipolysis and electromagnetic technology can non invasively impact fat cells, making them shrink and destroying a percentage of unwanted fat cells in the process. The results are much quicker to be seen and initial results can already be noticed after one single treatment.

2: Excellent safety record and control

European manufacturers are known for their excellent safety record and rigorous quality control process. By handpicking top of the market European beauty machines, guests at SWISS REJU can enjoy effective slimming treatments that are safe and comfortable.

3: Weight loss supplements designed by nutritionists

Complimentary weight loss and detoxification supplements are offered as part of the program, improving circulation and long term results.

Authentic SWISS REJU technology offers world-class body contouring machines, and proprietary nutritional supplements “XS Perfect Size”. The SWISS REJU ® trademark is protected by intellectual property laws and potential customers are advised to avoid the risks of counterfeit programs. Counterfeit programs bearing confusingly similar names do not offer the same standard of safety and comfort.

Executive lounge grand opening

The Winston Executive Lounge has recently opened as part of the brand’s expansion plan. Inspired by Switzerland’s luxury mansions, guests can enjoy treatments first hand at a tranquil, cozy environment, recalling wonderful travel memories to Europe.

Accompanying SWISS REJU’s proprietary body shaping program is celebrity product “XS Perfect Size”, a nutritionist designed supplement program that can help increase satiety while helping with digestion and overall body detoxification. “XS Perfect Size Green Tea Enzymes” and “XS Keto Shakes” receive strong positive reviews and are delicious meal replacements.

Connecting Hong Kong to the World: Celebrating Hong Kong’s unique culture

In support of promoting Hong Kong’s unique culture, SWISS REJU has invested heavily and teamed up with a wide variety of artists and groups over the past few years on different collaboration projects, including very popular local boy group MIRROR which the brand was the MV sponsor. Recent projects included working with lead actors of iconic TV shows “A Love of No Words” and “Freedom Memories”, which the latest installment of SWISS REJU products were shared on the lead actors’ social media accounts, and fans from all over the world can sample the latest supplements with their favorite actors.

Gratitude to healthcare workers

The past few months Hong Kong has suffered from COVID, SWISS REJU expresses gratitude to healthcare workers and the general public who have contributed to the fight against the pandemic. As a responsible business, SWISS REJU also adhered to the social distancing measures required by the government, in order to avoid any potential burden on the local healthcare system. The business is deeply grateful and will continue to support anti-pandemic efforts.




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