May 19, 2024


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Subscribe to Disney+ Now Before The Latest Price Hike – Review Geek

Subscribe to Disney+ Now Before The Latest Price Hike – Review Geek

Everything is getting expensive.

The Disney+ logo over a pile of burning cash.
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If you love Disney+ content and want to save money, December 7th is your last chance before the price increases. Disney+ is about to be far more expensive or come with ads.

Those looking to stream Andor and getting ready for The Mandalorian Season 3 should sign up for Disney Plus today before it’s too late. Starting December 8th, Disney will debut its new ad-supported tier for $7.99 per month. Sadly, the current ad-free plan we’ve all been enjoying for $7.99 is going up to $11.

Disney is following in the same footsteps as Netflix, introducing ads as a way to lower subscription costs, and some people aren’t too happy about it. If you don’t want ads but don’t want to pay nearly 40% more for your content streaming, you can avoid the increase by signing up for a 1-year ad-free Disney+ subscription.

Disney+ last change discount.

Unfortunately, this does mean you’ll have to pay for the entire year outright, in one payment, rather than monthly. However, you’ll get a year of Disney+ without advertisements for $80. Then, starting December 8th, that same plan will run $110.

This deal is available to both new and returning customers, and you’ll save a bit of cash while enjoying all your favorite shows, movies, and more. Plus, the ad-free plan allows offline playback, so you can download content and watch it later without an internet connection.

If you sleep on this deal and end up going with the new $7.99 ad-supported service, expect around four minutes of commercials per hour of content, spread out, of course. And finally, we do have a little bit of good news. Disney+ will not show ads on kid profiles, which is nice. Either way, today is your last chance to save, so don’t delay.

via TechRadar