May 19, 2024


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Snapchat announce two new partnerships and features rolling out to users

Snapchat announce two new partnerships and features rolling out to users

Snapchat has announced two new partnerships where users can now partake in new Bitmoji action and new AR try-on experiences to share with their friends and family thanks to their new partners, H&M and Adidas.

The new partnerships are a first of its kind, with a company spokesperson stating:

“We are thrilled to introduce this first-of-its-kind Bitmoji Drop in partnership with Adidas,” and “Unlocking new Bitmoji Fashion experiences presents an exciting opportunity for Snapchatters to get access to exclusive digital fashion and express their unique digital identity and a new frontier for innovative brand partnerships at Bitmoji scale.”

Whilst Erika Wykes-Sneyd, VP of the Adidas studio (The Three Stripes Studio) said:

“In November Adidas launched its first ever collection of wearable NFTs to meet our community’s desire for profile picture styling. This represents a new product category called ‘Virtual Gear’. Today, in partnership with Snapchat, we add to a growing collection of virtual styling with the opportunity for anyone to style their bitmoji with the adidas “Into The Metaverse” (ITM) track jacket to flex their three stripe life virtually.”

Brooke DeWitt, Product Strategy and Marketing Manager at Snap Inc has also stated:

“Augmented reality is a powerful tool for fostering self-expression and creativity. The innovative AR garments co-created by the iODF and H&M represent an incredibly immersive and accessible way to engage and delight the H&M community in the world of digital fashion.”

So what are the new partnerships bringing?

H&M & Snap

H&M and Snapchat have partnered together to launch three new AR try-on experiences, available in H&M’s mobile app and on Snapchat.The Lenses offer the ability to try on one-of-a-kind digital designs, of which there are three garments to choose from expanding the expressive possibilities of fashion. These AR garments can be tried out and worn via H&M’s mobile Android and iOS app and the Snapchat app.

H&M have leveraged Snap’s Camera Kit to build augmented reality into their mobile apps. Camera Kit is a cross platform, software development kit that enables businesses like H&M to integrate Snap’s camera technology and Lenses into their own mobile and web properties, meeting their customers where they are.

Adidas & Snap

For the first time in Australia, Snapchatters can show off their fashion style by investing in new apparel for their bitmoji.

Until Saturday, Dec 10, Snapchatters can claim an exclusive adidas ITM track jacket in the brand’s recognisable yellow colorway, featuring the adidas web3 logo and black stripes on the sleeves.

The adidas ITM track jacket is available from today until this Saturday and Snapchatters can claim the jacket by using 250 Snap Tokens, which are available for purchase in the Token Shop within Snapchat.

For those Snapchatters who cop the Drop within the limited time frame can sport the adidas ITM track jacket, which will be saved to “My Closet” to access even after the Drop ends.

To claim the exclusive adidas ITM track jacket for your Bitmoji:

  • Go to Snapchat, and tap the Profile icon on the top left hand corner to find your Profile screen.
  • Tap on your Bitmoji, and then tap on the Adidas Bitmoji Drop banner. From there, tap ‘Claim and Wear’ to use Tokens to get your jacket.
  • The jacket will be added to your avatar’s outfit and saved to ‘My Closet’ in Bitmoji Fashion to be accessible after the drop ends.

If you’re still using Snapchat and would like to participate, these new features are available for a limited time from today.