March 1, 2024


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Save Big for Christmas With These LEGO Deals – Review Geek

Save Big for Christmas With These LEGO Deals – Review Geek

LEGO minifigure and LEGO money

LEGO is one of the most iconic toys available, and it’s also wallet shatteringly expensive. Even second-hand LEGO can cost a lot, so fans may want to take advantage of sets going on sale. Walmart currently has a few of LEGO’s sets on offer at a discount rate ahead of Christmas.

The sets in question are a mixture of licensed products from major franchises like Star Wars and Harry Potter, alongside other movie-based and generic sets. Discounts range from less than $10 to $75 off some of the more expensive sets.

The Best Deals for Star Wars Fans

The LEGO Star Wars Trash Compactor Set

Star Wars is one of LEGO’s most iconic brand partnerships, with sets covering all of the franchise’s eras. Fans have the option of recreating iconic scenes from the movies, or embarking on detailed building projects that result in a brick-based replica of a notable character or ship. Unsurprisingly, Walmart’s sale features a number of LEGO products based on the Star Wars universe.

The Trash Compactor Diorama is ideal for people who like to get hands on with their LEGO setups, while the Boba Fett Helmet is more for collectors who want something to display at the end of their builds. The advent calendar is also a fun way to bulk up your Star Wars minifigure collection, if your builds are a little sparsely populated.


The Best Deals for Harry Potter Fans

The LEGO Harry Potter Magical Trunk Set

Harry Potter is another popular work of fiction LEGO has the rights to. If you’re more into wand-wielding wizards based in the British Isles than lightsaber wielding wizards based in space, you haven’t been left out.

Hogwarts is obviously massive, but you can get a couple of chunks of it at a discount here. If you want a set that can be altered to fit a number of scenes, the “Magical Trunk” is a good option. As with Star Wars, you can bulk out your minifigure collection.

The Best Deals for Everyone Else

The Lego Boutique Hotel Set

LEGO has a lot of licensing deals, so there really is something for everyone when it comes to LEGO sets. There are also generic LEGO bricks, but they are best bought in extreme bulk, and Walmart currently has those on offer. Still, here are the best deals from LEGO’s other licensed packs, and a couple of generics too.

Christmas is still a few weeks away, so more deals will be added as they pop up.

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