April 15, 2024


It's the Technology


Not long ago, after the product was released, it recorded good results, with Buy iPhone 12 pro max which carries a 5G network. Apple didn’t hang around or stop there. Not long after releasing the product. Apple is rumored to be launching its newest technology.

Although so far Apple’s 5G network technology has not been fully launched worldwide, many technology companies have started trying to develop 6G technology, and one of them is Apple. The tech giants of the world.

Although recently the company has released their first 5G-capable smartphone, Apple has already planned to release a 6G network in its products, of course. Apple’s courage, optimism and ability need not be doubted, the company always supports technological developments with developments that it does.

Quoted from the Apple World Today page, At the end of 2020, Apple and Google joined the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), which is a founding member of the Next G Alliance which aims to advance cellular technology.

They are an organization that is coordinated and formed to advance North America’s mobile technology leadership in 6G networks and beyond over the next decade, while building on the long-term evolution of 5G to launch worldwide.