May 23, 2024


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Reddit Recap trading cards

Reddit creates personalized trading cards for users’ 2022 recaps

Reddit is getting in on the app recap season with its second annual personalized recap. This year, users’ recaps will include an autogenerated trading card that represents them and their Reddit experience in 2022.

Reddit Recap trading cards

Reddit Recap includes autogenerated trading card

Like other recaps, Reddit’s features a lot of personalized data to help users reflect on their year on the platform. They might see things like their most upvoted comment, how much they’ve scrolled as measured in bananas (well, what Reddit calls “Standard Banana Units”), and whether they’re on team cat or team dog.

“Superpower Reddit Ability” assigned based on karma

But at the end of the recap, users will also be given a “Superpower Reddit Ability” and assigned a rare, epic, or legendary rating based on how much Reddit karma they’ve earned. The higher the rating, the fancier the background for the card; the “Legendary” backing has a multicolor sheen. The card will also show things like the three communities users have visited the most and their username and avatar.

The trading cards are a clever spin on shareable recaps, as users’ social feeds are often filled with Spotify Wrapped images this time of year. The cards also give users a good excuse to show off their avatars of Reddit’s Snoo mascot (including the NFT avatars, so users might see some people trying to flex).

Reddit’s recap feature launches on mobile and desktop

Reddit’s 2022 recap feature launches Thursday on the mobile app and on desktop. Reddit also shared some information about the platform as a whole. Redditors made more than 430 million posts, an increase of 14 percent from last year, and more than 2.5 billion comments, up 7 percent from 2021. The most-upvoted post was the full screenshot of r/place 2022.