June 19, 2024


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Most Popular Hotel Management Software for Small Hotels

The hotel management software is designed to address the requirements of small hotels in managing daily operations.   

We will help you here to find the Best hotel management software for your business.

Hospitality has always been the most demanded sector of business due to the consistent traveling & accommodation schedules. Receiving countless bookings while managing the records of guests has always been a crucial task. But, the outbreak of the pandemic has changed the scenario of hotel operations. What started as a partial lockdown in 2020 gradually led to the change in lifestyle and minimized travel plans. 

This influenced the small hotels and other lodging due to complete lockdown when people were confined to homes. Nevertheless, the hospitality sector is regaining the momentum and small hotels are looking forward to automating the processes to a great extent. Since, traveling during COVID times that too, when travellers are not vaccinated, then, safety becomes the topmost concern to be focused on. Most of the guests are prioritizing safety over price. The hotelier needs to in turn streamline business processes to achieve this goal. 

Keeping in mind the safe, secure and properly managed lodging experience, many small hotels have embraced technology to improve the experience of guests. This is where the hotel management software is being utilized by the hotel authorities to automate the daily processes. Besides, the accuracy of the software and easy execution have been top factors which are making hotel management simplified. The efficient mechanism of software also increases the productivity of the hotel. 

Here are some of the options to choose the Best hotel management software:

  1. eZee Absolute

This hotel management software automates all the hotel operations according to the specifications of the hotel, hostel, condominium or resort. Apart from the web version, the software is also accessible through apps for receiving notifications and reports anytime and anywhere. The online customer support of chatbot is also available in the interface of this software for online bookings.

Key Features 

  • Manage multiple properties guests and booking engines on a single platform
  • Convenient accessibility of POS system for bars and restaurants
  • Information management with customisable user accounts 

Pricing :

The eZee Absolute cloud-based hotel management software can be purchased at $5 per month (starting price) on an annual subscription. The comprehensive package can be chosen to access booking engine and channel management features along with core modules such as eZee Frontdesk  

  1. Maestro PMS

This hotel management software is a comprehensive cloud-based solution for managing hotel reservations, event management, front desk and POS operations management. The vast property management architecture is integrated on a single platform of this software. It can be accessed directly through the cloud or run on a windows based system. 

Key Features 

  • Automate marketing operations with Maestro PMS
  • Designed for multi-channel communication
  • Maintain customer database with ease
  • Store customer history and automate feedback management
  • Automate guest experience management 

Pricing :

Customized pricing details can be requested from Maestro PMS. It has a one-time license pricing model. 

  1. Hoteliga

This software for hotel management automation assists in generating invoice, revenue control management, hotel reservation and customer management conveniently. This is one of the best hotel management software which offers multi-currency support, a unique feature which might not be seen in other competing companies. 

Key Features

  • Advanced reporting system 
  • Interactive calendar for managing booking and check-out schedule 
  • House-keeping automation 
  • Collaboration with OTAs
  • Multi-location access


Hoteliga has subscription plans starting from bronze plan €25 per month for an annual package. This plan is beneficial for small hotels looking for a comprehensive suite at minimum price. The silver plan of this hotel management software is available at €45 per month on annual subscription. It is ideal for medium sized hotels that offer phone support and access to multiple user accounts. The gold package of Hoteliga has advanced features of hotel management software with full support. It is available at €80 per month on annual billing. 

  1. Protel PMS

Being one of the best hotel management software, Protel PMS enables the hotel management to plan and execute their daily operations by using various functions of the single platform. From reservation, invoicing, real-time reporting & analytics and housekeeping to front desk management, the processes get streamlined with this PMS software. 

Key Features

  • Digital registration card 
  • Booking and reservations can be automated 
  • Front desk operations’ management 
  • Automate billing and invoicing processes


The price structure of Protel PMS, the trusted hotel management software is based on your custom preferences of property management. It can be confirmed from the vendor while buying this software. 

Other Hotel Management Software 

  1. Frontdesk Anywhere
  2. SiteMinder
  3. WebRezPro
  4. Cloudbeds 
  5. Think Reservations 


In order to find the Best hotel management software, one should always make a checklist. All the tasks get executed in an automated manner. The above listed PMS options are smartly designed to make the stay guests comfortable.