June 15, 2024


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Lazetrader Launches Its Disruptive Technology Leveraging AI for Forex Trading


Singapore-based fintech company, Lazetrader, announces the launch of Lazeer AI, its AI trading software to enable Forex traders make consistent profits with little efforts

It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning in the global financial markets following the launch of a revolutionary trading solution, Lazeer AI, by Lazetrader. Technological advancements in the financial and trading industry that has led to the emergence of artificial intelligence trading has enabled the use of complex algorithms to analyse and optimise market data for fast execution of trade orders. Consequently, Lazetrader aims to bring the future of Forex trading home for as many people as possible with the launch of its software.

Several financial institutions have leveraged AI over the years to improve trading accuracy and results. The increasing popularity of AI in trading has been predicted to take over most human traders due to its relatively higher level of accuracy and prompt order execution. Consequently, human resources can be channelled to other strategic tasks instead of monitoring the markets constantly, ultimately enhancing productivity with better results achieved over time. It also gives the users more opportunities to enter the market at the precise time with optimal pricing as compared to human traders. Lazetrader is bringing these benefits and many more to traders, as the Singaporean Fintech company sets out to become the future of forex trading by offering its cutting edge AI trading software, Lazeer AI.

Lazetrader’s trading software has garnered multiple interests from investment fund managers and even retail customers. Their proprietary trading software, Lazeer AI, is able to analyse, manage and even execute trades automatically. Lazeer AI is a product of sophisticated strategies with more than 10 years data for trading simulation to increase the accuracy and profitability of each trades. The software eliminates the need for human traders, enabling more people to make profits even without any trading knowledge, thanks to its auto-trading feature.

According to the spokesman of Lazetrader, Lazeer AI has achieved more than 75% accuracy and 93% profitability across thousands of trades with an astonishing track record of 600% ROI over the past three years. Its verified track records and trading history on their live account are vetted by a third party platform called Myfxbook.

Lazeer AI uses streaming market data and technical indicators along with price action to determine the best entry and exit price for each trade. One of the main core features is the ability to filter out High Impact News that is related to a currency pair and prevent it from trading before and after the news. This helps users to minimise risk while maximising their returns over time.

Other features of Lazeer AI includes Portfolio Stoploss, Trailing Take-Profits and Stoploss, Advanced Money Management, Weekly Goals, Auto-Compounding and Spread Detection. With the fast moving market conditions, these features are specifically implemented for proper risk management and cater to busy individuals who do not have time to manage their trading accounts.

Despite the recent Ukraine-Russia War outbreak and US Federal Rate change news that have jolted the entire financial markets, Lazeer AI and its second version, Lazeer AI R Edition, still manage to emerge profitable unlike other trading instruments. 

For further information about Lazeer AI and other trading solutions from Lazetrader, visit – http://www.lazetrader.com/.

About Lazetrader Pte Ltd

Lazetrader Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company with the goal of pioneering towards the innovation of the trading markets. The company has received multiple positive feedbacks and testimonials from their clients relating to the success they have achieved while using Lazeer AI.

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