April 19, 2024


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Grow Your Digital Marketing Knowledge With Digital Gabbar: Rohit Mehta


Digital marketing is among the few career options that are equally competitive and rewarding. But unlike most other professions, it is becoming increasingly difficult to master it. Novice marketers lack in-depth knowledge about the caveats of digital marketing and how one step can make or break a digital marketing campaign. To provide young and budding marketers with industry-relevant information, Rohit Mehta launched a web information portal titled ‘Digital Gabbar’. Digital Gabbar provides you unrestricted access to quality knowledge about digital marketing and its sub-niches without forcing you to pay up for a subscription. It is one of the few websites that are truly committed to the noble cause of helping others to grow and upskill in life.

Rohit Mehta is a technology expert turned entrepreneur who switched to digital marketing after a 10-year stint in the industry. He has been akin with computers all his life the only difference is that before he was dealing with the core systems and software but now he is dealing with large businesses and helping them grow on the internet. Digital marketing brought multitudes of success to Rohit Mehta’s life as began to emerge as a result-oriented digital marketer in the industry. 

Rohit Mehta has had his fair share of struggles before establishing his career in digital marketing and wanted to make it easy for newcomers to join the digital marketing industry and make a name for themselves. Digital Gabbar was designed and developed by him and a few other collaborators with the sole purpose of information disbursal and non-subscription-based content distribution.

Rohit Mehta explains the need to educate more and more people about digital marketing. He says, “Knowledge opens doors and without it, you are stranded and confused. I say this with experience because I once faced the same issue back in 2015. Every search result came up with loads of websites that offered information about digital marketing only with a subscription plan or a monthly fee. I didn’t have money to waste on these seemingly good websites and worked on solving my problems with the community forums and hit and trial method. 

After working so long in the digital marketing industry, one thing I can confirm is that nobody is willing to share their secrets but I do. I want to groom and nurture as many young marketers as possible because, in the current stage of dwindling jobs and scarce education, few career profiles like digital marketing can prove to be wise decisions in the long run. So, don’t waste your time and visit and unravel all the secrets of digital marketing on digital Gabbar. We also have additional content planned out for you so stay tuned for that.”

Rohit Mehta also deployed his second start-up, Indian Gabbar which is a digital PR platform that aims to build brand dominance and recognition via the technique of digital PR. It aims to direct deserving candidates into the much-needed digital limelight.


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