May 22, 2024


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GoPro Player and ReelSteady software – A quick look at simple software to improve your footage


A great deal of stats exhibit that most GoPro footage is hardly ever edited and shared. In honesty, I’m responsible of that much too simply because it requires time I never have to edit, render and share the footage even immediately after that at times, it is not worthy of sharing.

But the GoPro ReelSteady computer software goes a extended way to alleviating some of that challenge. The reality is that it continue to takes time to edit and render, but the computer software is developed to support you make terrific-quality clips quickly.

What is GoPro Player and ReelSteady?

The small version is that this is GoPro’s personal software program specially for you to check out and trim the “best bits” of your captured footage, then stabilise and export it prepared for sharing. There is a large amount additional to it, though, since there are advantages to the program you will not get on other enhancing computer software with no a bit of get the job done.

If you have invested in a — typically costly — gimbal to improve the excellent of your footage, then stability won’t be an challenge for you. About the preceding a few generations of GoPro digital camera, the built-in stabilisation, recognized as HyperSmooth, has grow to be extremely very good. So a great deal so that additional stabilisation might not be necessary in working day-to-working day adventures.

If you have been a little bit much more adventurous leaving your footage a bit shaky still, then there is an quick choice to strengthen your footage. It will established you again a once-off life span fee of $99.99 to empower ReelSteady on your GoPro Participant software.

When you export your footage with ReelSteady, a several vital items transpire. The to start with is that your footage will — as substantially as is possible — be further stabilised by the software. This will get rid of some side-to-facet shakes you will practical experience in certain circumstances and the buffeting of smashing down a bike trail.

The software also gets rid of the fisheye look to footage which is ordinarily affiliated with vast-angle lenses. This is significantly significant if you’re employing footage from a GoPro MAX digicam which provides 360-degree footage that you can now render to a classic design video for your viewers.

Is it well worth shelling out for ReelSteady?

We have included a number of the GoPro bonuses and attributes in the previous, like the unlimited storage on the GoPro Quik subscription. If you are a normal person of your GoPro, the add ons are a very compelling selection with a somewhat low charge and a great return on your financial commitment. I’m a significant admirer of the automatic Wi-Fi backup of movie footage, but what fantastic is the footage if you never ever share it?

The means to trim footage isn’t something new or groundbreaking, in fact, you can realize the exact same final result directly on YouTube. What does make significant difference is the watchability of your footage when it’s been operate by way of ReelSteady. In some respects, it normally takes absent from the raw emotion of the footage and can make actions search a lot less vigorous than they truly had been, but the footage is substantially easier to watch. It is a little bit of a trade-off, but for improved top quality and steadiness of video, the licence for ReelSteady is effectively worth the investment decision for typical GoPro end users.


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