June 20, 2024


It's the Technology

Colby College studying eye movement in Maine

Colby College professor Naser Al Madi said this type of technology will likely be in our future

WATERVILLE, Maine — Can a person’s eye movement serve as a password? That’s what a professor and student at Colby College are working to find out.

This type of technology is already being developed across the country.

The goal of Colby’s computer science department is to improve this technology and make it more accurate.

Those working on the project say we are going to move away from keyboards in the future and will need to have a way to put in our passwords.

“If we imagine something like google glass where we don’t have a keyboard and mouse… how do you put in a password?” Naser Al Madi, computer science professor said. 

“We started with a data set from Facebook reality who collected data from people for about three years and what this gives us is the ability to be able to see the same person over time. are we able to continue to recognize them? The metrics that we are collecting from eye movement are still viable over a long duration of time,” He added.

This research still has a ways to go but those working on the project are looking forward to sharing their research with other folks who research eye movement.