May 18, 2024


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Boost Infinite’s New Mobile Service Offers Unlimited Everything for $25 – Review Geek

Boost Infinite’s New Mobile Service Offers Unlimited Everything for $25 – Review Geek

Talk, text, and unlimited data for only $25.

Boost Infinite carrier logo.
Boost Infinite

Boost Mobile, owned by Dish Wireless, is ready to launch its all-new mobile service provider to take on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. It’s called Boost Infinite, and you’ll get unlimited talk, text, data, and much more for only $25 a month, forever.

To be clear, Boost Infinite is technically a separate carrier from Boost Mobile. This isn’t a new prepaid mobile plan from the MVNO. Instead, it’s an all-new postpaid service with all the perks of a regular wireless provider.

And while Boost Mobile already offers an unlimited prepaid plan for $25, things are a bit different over on Infinite, which launched its “limited early access beta” this week. Here’s what you need to know.

Dish, known as a satellite TV provider for many, bought Boost Mobile during T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint. And over the last few years, it’s worked tirelessly to build its own 5G network. It doesn’t just want to piggyback off T-Mobile and AT&T but offer its own network to customers.

However, what makes the new Boost Infinite provider unique is that it claims to offer customers three different wireless networks, all for that low $25 a month price, meaning you’ll always have great coverage. The company is working with AT&T, T-Mobile and using the new Dish 5G network to deliver cell service and mobile data to customers.

For $25 a month, those that sign up for the Boost Infinite beta (before the end of December) will get unlimited data (throttled after 30GB), unlimited talk and text, a 5GB hotspot, and free roaming in Canada and Mexico. And you’ll have service almost everywhere thanks to all three networks mentioned above.

It sounds like Boost Infinite is mainly using AT&T’s network right now. Still, after the beta ends in 2023, customers will instantly swap between all three carriers for the best performance and cell service anywhere and everywhere. According to Boost Infinite, those who sign up for the beta get grandfathered into the unlimited everything for $25 a month deal forever. Meaning when prices inevitably go up in the future, you’ll stay at $25.

Boost Infinite offers all the latest smartphones on payment plans, will accept devices from other networks (including eSIM with the iPhone 14), and is ready to be your next wireless provider. Sign up today for $25.

via TechRadar