May 30, 2023


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Beeline’s new bike computer lets you choose between fast, quiet or balanced routes


Beeline’s original Velo brought an interesting twist to bike computers with a simple interface and single arrow guidance designed to help you discover your environment. The company has now launched its second model, the Velo 2, that keeps the spirit of the original while introducing a number of key new features like a bigger screen, all-new interface and app-based route planner.

The new model has a 32mm 200×200 TFT LCD screen that’s larger than the original to accommodate the extra information displayed. Instead of the original strap, it uses a quarter lock universal mount and is waterproof and shock proof. The battery is charged by a USB-C port and lasts 10+ hours, and you can change settings (even with gloves) using the rocker top mechanism. 

Beeline's next bike computer lets you choose between fast, quiet or balanced routes


Where the original Velo worked more like a compass than a regular GPS, the new model has an all-new turn-by-turn interface that’s more like a vehicle heads-up display. To use it, you just type in your desired destination into the Beeline app, and you’ll get three options: a fast route, a quiet route or a balanced blend of the two. It then displays turn directions and road details and the direction of your destination. In addition, you can pick your own route using the original model’s as-the-crow-flies Compass Mode navigation. 

It offers other display modes showing speed, an odometer, a clock and ETA, and keeps stats of your rides, so you can see your average speeds and other details. Beeline also gathers data and ratings from riders to find the best possible routes, while offering worldwide mapping and navigation via OpenStreetMap. 

Beeline originally launched the Velo 2 on Kickstarter and has so far raised over $400,000 from 5,000 backers. It’s now available at Beeline’s store for £80 in the UK or $103 in the US. 

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