March 2, 2024


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8 Ways Ecommerce Stores Are Using Instagram


Instagram, which is home to more than 1 billion users around the globe. It is one of the powerful social media platforms out there. Brands and businesses have used it throughout the world.

Instagram offers a higher rate of engagement, which is quite profitable for e-commerce stores in promoting their product.

Most beginners’ e-commerce sellers think that Instagram is a place to upload photos of their products or extend their catalogue. But, that is not the only way to use it.

Here are eight brilliant ways to enhance your e-commerce sales.

Provide Customer Support

You can use Instagram to answer the curiosity and queries that are rising inside customers’ heads. Many big brands reply and interact with their customers. Doing so creates positive feedback in the mind of their customers.

Quick replies can make customers decide easily without any confusion. It’s been found that 97% of Instagram customers like quality customer service.

The best way is to create another account naming its customer service after your brand name, such as [brand name] customer service.

Use Ads to Reach Out In Instagram

Paid advertisement is the best way to put your product directly in front of potential buyers. Instagram advertising provides one of the best conversion rates. Moreover, buying Instagram followers Australia is another popular way to get customers for selling your products to. Instagram provides eCommerce merchants to reach out to the targeted audience through their advertisement system. They use different formats of ads visual content, which utilizes complex marketing tools provided by Facebook, Inc.

Try different formats and strategies and utilize helping tools to set goals and create an advertising pathway to your goal.

Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram algorithms have evolved to predict the needs and preferences of their viewer. Using their recent interests like what posts they liked. They also share information like recent searches and posts viewed or commented on, presenting them with the best-related posts. This is also true for shoppable posts and shoppable feeds, so create a post keeping this factor in your mind. Create such a post that gets more likes. Otherwise, you can buy Instagram likes and increase the number of interactions on your shoppable post to build trust among your fans. When they’ll see more likes, your customers will buy with ease.

Work with Influencers

Working with influencers is the best way to reach out to customers. It is one of the most effective ways of brand advertising. People tend to believe in influencers. They follow more easily because big brands invest a significant amount in influencer marketing. However, it is not mandatory to have a big influencer and consider micro influences.

People will be more likely to follow the recommendation of their influencers. You can also consider having them as brand ambassadors to create more trust from their followers.

Engage with Users

Brand interaction with their use is significant because it is one of few ways to build trust in users. In addition, engagement with your brand followers will build a positive community. Interacting with users can be done in many ways, like running polls and surveys to know precious opinions, working with your team, inviting experts for opinions, running contests, and sharing user-created content under your brand hashtag.

Besides, experimenting with different engaging content, trying to put effort into upcoming religious and other events. This creates a positive relationship between seller and buyer.

Optimize Everything

Optimizing your profile is another good way to get more customers attracted to your shop and generate more leads. In this regard, you need to follow some search engine algorithms tips, and you will see the results within days!

Here the tips are:

  • Keep using strategic hashtags that are specified to your category.
  • Make sure that you are using your keywords in each of your posts.
  • Also, the profile customization and bio are included in it.

If you are using these techniques, they will enhance the chances of visibility of your profile to your targeted audience. In that way, you can rank for the higher searches and can promote yourself with no effort and time.

Plan with Customers

Customer feedback and opinions are essential for the improvement and development of a new product. Users on Instagram are very active when it comes to responses and interactions with their favourite brands. You can use this to your advantage by running polls and surveys about your previous product experience and what they hope to get from you in the future and about your new product.

Results achieved can directly improve your brand product, market values, marketing strategy, and upcoming products.

Pre-Release Hype

Creating hype before releasing your product is one of the best ways to make sure your product gains value. You can do this by releasing teasers, trailers, and big spoilers. The big brand follows this strategy to create anticipation. Thus, helping them sell a significant amount just after their launch. Nowadays, brands are also opening options for pre orders.

A small brand can also use these methods. They will get a positive response for their new products and get more sales.

Wrapping Up!

E-commerce shops can use many methods to increase conversion and brand awareness. Still, the key to success is to test and experiment with different methods and techniques until you find what works best for your e-commerce business. Also, keep an eye on changing trends and insights of your current technique.



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