March 1, 2024


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5 Hacks to Generate More Leads for your Business with Social Media Marketing:

6 Clever Tips to Generate Quality Leads through Social Media


Social media is almost an indispensable part of people’s lives nowadays. In October 2020, the total number of social media users worldwide passed the 4 billion mark, a Digital 2020 study report shows. Very few platforms have the potential to target such a large potential customer base, as does social media. Experts at Columbus Marketing Agency observe that as digital marketing is emerging as an advertising tool rapidly on the rise, social media marketing is proving to be highly efficient in generating revenues through consistent sales. 

Who are your Leads for Business?

For any business to grow successfully on a social media platform, you must tap on your audience’s interests and produce content relevant to their tastes. In this, leads are nothing but those customers who are most likely to buy from you. To tailor content according to their liking and putting forth organized and systematic campaigns can finally lead potential customers to convert. 

Lead can also mean any user information that can prove fruitful. Such information can be followed up, and user demographics can be studied to generate customers. Digital Marketing Company Columbus has skilled professionals equipped for high-level data analysis and can precisely target audiences. 

In social media marketing, following the five hacks below can help you generate more leads. Read on, and adopt these strategies to observe a significant increase in ROI in no time!

  • Understanding your target audience:

Understanding and assessing your target audience may be one of the most critical factors for a social media marketing strategist. The particular needs of your target audience will drive your social media campaigning. 

Your target audience is that section of your potential customer base, which is most likely to convert. They are the users who show interest in your products, have a liking for your services, and are naturally inclined to avail what you have to offer because of shared interests. Yes, as you have rightly guessed, generating leads basically means reaching out to your target audience better.

Your target audience or niche audience will depend on the type of products you sell. For example, if you offer salon services, your target audience is likely to be young and middle-aged women than men and older women. This is not to say other gender or age categories would never go to a salon, but their conversion percentage is statistically lesser. 

Columbus Digital Marketing professionals rightly explain that determining the target audience would require narrowing down to involve more specific and streamlined criteria and then devising strategies to target those particular users. The latter meet those criteria and exhibit compatible traits. This has the capacity for surer conversion resulting in high ROI and almost predictable sales. 

When picking out the target audience, some points to consider are age, location, language, spending power and patterns, interests, state of life, hobbies, etc. Effective advertising is all about understanding the target audience’s needs, engaging them, crafting compelling messages, and fine-tuning your marketing strategy to elicit customer conversion. 

  • Find where your ideal customers are most likely to be:

Once you have selected your target audience, it is time to understand which social media platform they are most likely to be. 

Studying the demographics of different social media sites can be helpful in this case. Which social media platform you decide to invest in most will depend upon the sector you cater to.

For example, LinkedIn is more beneficial for prospecting and recruiting and is especially suited for B2B businesses. According to data published in Statista, India has the most number of Facebook users in the world, while the USA has the most number of Instagram users in the world. 

So depending on your geographical preferences, you can choose either of the two sites. 

Similarly, Facebook is an ideal platform for promoting your brand, while Instagram is more appropriate for expanding your photography startup. Thus, different platforms have different user categories, and you should be where your ideal audience is! Digital Agency Columbus can help you develop appropriate content for your social media handle. 

  • Optimize your profile with definite call-to-actions:

For you to be able to garner leads, you have to draw in your target audience step by step. Even if they don’t end up buying from you at the very outset, you will have sufficient information to follow up on. 

How do you do that, and what do we mean by progressing how step at a time? Columbus Digital Marketing experts say that what we mean by this is that you must optimize your social media profile and ensure there are enough options to collect leads organically. 

For example, providing contact information and call-to-action buttons will act as the first step, yet the most crucial step to draw in your audience and take them into your fold. Be sure that you have your contact details- email, phone number, and messenger- all up to date and in place. 

Feature prominent call-to-action buttons on your social media handle as well as on your company website. Depending on your brand type and goal, your call-to-action message will vary. “Book Now”, “Make a Reservation,” or “Buy a Subscription”, your call-to-action will drive your potential customer to avail your services! Get in touch with Columbus PPC Company who offers a range of services from website designing to PPC marketing at affordable rates with high returns.

  • Conversations, videos, and posts relating to your niche:

A considerable section of the social media population uses the platform for entertainment purposes, which is why it’s important that sometimes you give them just that. 

The true purpose of having a social media profile is that it provides marketing opportunities that are innovative and engaging. Do not simply share webpage links to your company or e-commerce site. Use the features in-built within the mode itself, which are easy and yet effective. 

For example, you can share live videos on Facebook or share slightly out-of-the-box posts which relate to your subject but do not strictly advertise them, explain Columbus Marketing Agency professionals. 

To give you an effective instance, if you are an upcoming e-pharma company, you can drop in some interesting tidbits about a medicinal production or arrange a live video chat with doctors regarding a pertinent issue. Make sure you carefully respond to each comment inquiry on a post and chart the audience response carefully. Plan more targeted marketing at leads who take an interest in your materials.

This means, explore activities pertaining to your niche. Be creative; tap into your target audiences’ thirst for curiosity and information. Build on it till you have finally achieved conversions!

  • Offer up incentives like discounts and contests:

Contests, discounts, and other incentives are a great way to foster customer loyalty and generate sales. Running a contest or announcing discounts will serve three purposes, observe Digital Agency Columbus employees:

First, it will help you gather information about your potential customer belonging to your subset target audience. This information will help you reach out to more target audiences and generate leads. 

Secondly, putting up contest conditions like asking interested participants to share your post with their friends or using a specific hashtag promoting brand awareness will help increase your popularity by leaps and bounds. 

Third, they can actually result in sales when customers see no reason to miss out on alluring discounts on a product they have had their eyes on for quite some time. 

Developers at Digital Marketing Company Columbus bring to light an important point. One thing to keep in mind- you need a sufficient basis to draw information out of a user. A person will be inclined to share details about themselves only when they feel assured it will come to a good end or offer up a great incentive. Whether it’s to provide rewards in the future or send them timely notifications of offers, make sure you have a truly compelling reason for making such a request. 

Closing thoughts:

Social media platforms are the new place to be. Since you find almost every section of your audience on a social media platform, you can also sell or market your services there. With a robust digital marketing agency, this can be done more seamlessly and with great results!