May 22, 2024


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3 major challenges facing CTOs right now

3 major challenges facing CTOs right now

BT Ireland’s chief engineering officer Conor Patterson talks about what fellow CTOs want to think about and the abilities they will need to long run-evidence themselves.

From electronic transformation to the progress of cyberattacks, main know-how officers (CTOs) have their perform reduce out for them.

To discover out more about what the landscape is like for these leaders, the expertise they want and the worries they deal with, sat down with BT Ireland’s CTO, Conor Patterson.

He said in purchase to long run-evidence by themselves and their teams, CTOs want to imagine about bettering their abilities all around technology, crew constructing and communications.

“A important position is to be in a position to communicate complex messages dependent versus business tactic, customer journey, shopper practical experience, colleague journey, colleague experience, and also pivot and be in a position to negotiate the working day-to-day highly technical complex shipping and delivery cycle that we go as a result of to travel that in a tactical degree,” he claimed.

In terms of the problems facing CTOs proper now, Patterson reported the greatest kinds that spring to thoughts centre around digital transformation, security and expertise acquisition. at?v=A1xo6wy5Le8

Electronic transformation

Although deemed a single of the greatest troubles for CTOs, Patterson also stated digital transformation can also be seen as on option.

“If we really do not rework, we’re at a significant commercial drawback or we’ll are unsuccessful completely. So we’ve adopted an intense lengthy-phrase digital transformation programme although adopting, commodity-model, the innovation that will come from SaaS and cloud, and hoping to give a exclusive providing issue to ourselves.”


Unsurprisingly, the 2nd obstacle Patterson mentioned concentrated on cybersecurity. “If we really don’t have security and we don’t have protection for our men and women, we never have a business,” he stated.

“Every working day, the threat on cybersecurity is exponentially increasing and a everyday dose of healthy humility truly will help. When you think you’ve obtained a best rating, you don’t. Financial investment in the proper technological innovation and the right people and the right level of company awareness and stability is really important and it is a constant, hardly ever-ending cycle.”

Expertise acquisition

At last, Patterson reported talent acquisition and retention is a critical hurdle for CTOs right now, especially due to the cybersecurity abilities shortage and the growing demand for new digital capabilities.

“In BT Ireland, we’ve adopted many unique strategies of tackling that by building our possess put really attractive exactly where attainable,” he said.

“We have a variety of outreach programmes into the regional universities, and we function with inspiring women programmes to try and entice that talent and nurture it.”

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